Where Excellence Benefits Nurturing (WEBN) token is a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and many others, where WEBN token differs is in the long-term strategy to develop a currency with real-utility demand for tomorrow’s digital world. WEBN token can be used as mode of payment to purchase website development, systems, graphic designs, logo, icon, videos and online products. WEBN token payments provide clients with a 10-50% discounted guarantee on any services offered and purchased. We believe that with the right approach and focus, we will be able to promote and attract more businesses in accepting and utilizing digital currency as a payment to our services.

WEBN Market Price

Web Innovation Ph allows cryptocurrency to be used as mode of payment. WEBN utility token can be used to purchase any of our services with GREAT discount as compared to other cryptocurrency. It is also tradable in other cryptocurrency exchange.

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Old Smart Contract: 0x76A1AEb942B24d0020a2D4b0Ac3F2E5ED2bFF150

New Smart Contract: 0x15A664416E42766A6cC0a1221d9C088548a6E731

Token Name WEBN
Token Abbreviation WEBN
Token Type ERC20
Max Supply 6B
Soft Cap 168 ETH
Hard Cap 300 ETH
Token Value 0.000001 ETH
Key Benefits Tradable Utility Token
Use of Proceeds


“We are a group of creative web developers who extend the innovation of web technology.”